About Us

School of Fashion & More 4 Youth is a Christian owned and operated School whose values and principles are the bedrock of our methodology. My desire is to shape and restore soundness to the world of beauty and fashion again.

Renaissance School of Fashion & More 4 Youth was established in 1995 after realizing that "Tailoring" had become a lost art. Although I had immediate success in my line of Fashions created for Today’s Christian Women and women who appreciate beauty, style and, principles of "good" taste. There was a deeper "Calling" I discovered.

This calling is my passion to make a positive difference in the lives of today's youth through the development of their undeveloped, latent or perhaps already discovered talent for the Art of Fashion Sewing.

Therefore Renaissance offers variety of Sewing Classes meant to inspire, develop and enhance a students desire and interest in this field. 

Did you know... 
Self Mastery ~ Is One of Life’s Greatest Gift’s               

If you’ve ever wanted your child’s creativity and imagination Inspired, Or you want to encourage resourcefulness and productivity; to maintain and foster self-esteem; to increase inner-harmony and personal awareness; and greater ability to manage problems; all of which aid a great attitude, and a pleasing personality, Then You Will Definitely Want To Get Your Child Into one of our Ground-Breaking, Life Enriching Sew-Smart, Sew-Fun or Sew-into-Fashion Courses.

To enroll or discuss your child's possibilities, please Call us at: 519-977-1627 Or email Karla at: SewSmart@teksavvy.com         
* Children as young as 7 years old are also welcome!

 2 Locations to Serve Youth

1.)  Renaissance Headquarters
      28 Center St.
     Essex ON

2.)  Atlas Tube Centre
     447 Renaud Line Rd.
     Belle River N0R 1A0

Questions? Drop us a line at: SewSmart@teksavvy.com

                      Call: 226-348-6241