Gift Certificate Faq's

  • Purchasing E-Gift Certificates
  • How To Send E-Gift Certificates
  • Buying with E-Gift Certifictes
  • Redeeming E-Gift Certificates
  • Need Assistance?

Purchasing E-Gift Certificates

E-Gift Certificates are purchased just like any other item at Renaissance School of Fashion & More 4 Youth and are available in $25 denominations from $50 to $2500.Gift Certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase and have no maintenance or additional usage fees.

After your purchase of an E-Gift Certificate is processed, you will receive an email explaining how to send your Gift Certificate via email to its happy recipient.

The gift certificate balance may be divided in any way you'd like. Send all or a portion of it. Send different amounts to different recipients. Keep some for yourself. Whatever you'd like.

How to Send E-Gift Certificates

After your purchase of an E-Gift Certificate is processed and you have received a confirmation email, either follow the instruction in the email or go to our Send Gift Certificate Page.

This link is readily accessible from your account page. To send a Gift Certificate, you need to fill in the following information:

  • Gift Certificate recipient's name.
  • Gift Certificate recipient's email address.
  • Gift Certificate amount. (Note you can choose to send just part or all of the amount in your Gift Certificate account.)
  • A short, personal note. This optional message will appear in the e-mailed Gift Certificate.