Are your kids feeling bored? Do you want them to learn something new? Something that can unlock their hidden potential and help them discover their unique likes and dislikes. This thing could be an exciting craft that helps them to improve their self-esteem, confidence, patience, and sense of creativity. A craft that develops a child's mind, will and emotions, to teach them how to locate, explore and develop their inner tuition. This craft is the Art of Fine Sewing which all begins in our Sew-Fun course.

The "Sew-Fun" beginner course is a minimum of 16 weeks, with the option of progressing into "consecutive" one year courses. By the end of the first year in sew-fun, kids who are old enough and interested in learning how to create projects with a sewing machine, must "qualify" to enroll into the sew-smart course. The sew smart course includes more advanced hand sewing and sewing machine projects. Sew-Smart applicants must possess general math skills, organization skills, and demonstrate the discipline to receive and carry out visual and verbal instructions.

Sew-Fun full-year course is a prerequisite to qualify for our
Sew-Smart Course! Our popular sew-smart skill-building course incorporates both the beautiful Art of Hand-Sewing and Machine  Sewing skills. 

Teenage girls, age 16 up, this is the course for you!! 
Our trained teachers provide skill-building lessons to ensure a rewarding sewing and creative experience, no matter what a student's skill level may be, and give youth the confidence to take on more advanced Sewing and Crafty adventures!

Your kids will love Our Jr. Chef's Class!! It's all the rave, as kids 
enjoy the hands on experience of cooking and baking, as the learn The ABC's of Culinary Art (currently unavailable)

Kids as young as seven years old are welcome to join our Sew-Fun Class, if they have an interest. 

Our 'tried and true' lessons offer a wonderful array of kid-friendly projects that are packed with inspiration for young minds to enjoy 
in our hands-on, interactive, weekly or bi-weekly classes! 
Weekly Fees as low as $20