Reflections from the Director

A 9 yr. old beginner intensely employing her new skills!My journey into the wonderful world of Sewing, Dressmaking, Tailoring , Fabric and Fashion  Design was conceived at age 10, when I saw a sign downtown advertising      "Paul  the Tailor." The word "Tailor" seemed to be similar to my last name, "Taylor" It seamed as if the two words had a real significance to me. I felt a fire burning in my heart. All the way home I pondered on it. Racing into the kitchen where there was always the aroma of good home cooking greeting me at the door, quickly inquired of my beloved Grandmother what a Tailor  was. 

Upon hearing the full explanation I felt quite satisfied and complete. Then as I  turned to walk away, something stopped me in my tracks, and I found myself announcing out loud :                            "Well if that 's what a Tailor is, I guess that 's what I'm going to be!" 

It would be years later when I realized that it was the Holy Spirit who wrote the confirmation on my mind and sealed it in my heart, until the appointed time for the full revelation. But that day I saw in my mind's eye, the following words written in white letters:                Tailor =Taylor

Little did I know that  this experience was God's way of planting the seed that would  grow into my Destiny! I cannot tell you how much joy, satisfaction and purpose this gift has given me. Development of my innate talent, skill and love for the "Art" of Sewing, Designing and Creating has added a quality of life that cannot be fully explained. I was created for this. Is your child created for this? You may never know unless they are given the chance to explore, develop and grow into this talent!

My hearts desire is to give as many children, girls especially the same opportunity. Whereby they will connect and employ their mind, body, soul and spirit all at the same time to "create" something useful,  and beautiful, to add a depth of enjoyment is critical to success in every other area of life. 

We would like to extend our invitation to every child
who would love a chance to have a peek inside the world of Creative and fine Sewing
 Get your kids creativity hoppin`!
Unleash their creativity and watch where it takes them!

If you want your child inspired and encouraged in a  creative and imaginative environment perfect for developing knowledge, skill, resourcefulness, increased eye hand coordination, productivity and  personal  awareness........
Then, Our 



Courses are the perfect ground breaking courses for kids, Teenagers and young Adults. Whatever the age... The journey begins here! Where students are taught the "Art" of fine Sewing, in the wonderful world of Creative and Beautiful Fashion Sewing! 

Ms. Karla welcomes children and teenagers with no previous experience.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website.

As a local Canadian Fashion Designer I first discovered the 
scope of my "gift" to design, at age sixteen, when I my palazzo pants design, showcased in the window of Emon’s high-end Fashion Boutique in Windsor Ontario. I had never seen or hear of palazzo pants until sometime after I had created mine. Upon seeing the same design in Emon's I actually thought someone there must have seen me wearing my palazzo pants and somehow copied my design! But as this kind of occurrence repeated throughout my life I come to realize that there is an intuition that some of us designers tap into and this causes us to come out almost at the same time with the exact same designs.
                                                As I grew
in my fashion ideas and creations, which  were often inspired by God, 
my designs, became visible on the Cover of Vogue Fashion Catalogue, and even on Super Star Patti La belle. 

While there’s no doubt about my “Passion for Fashion,” to reflect style, beauty and decency; I have a greater passion. This passion is to impart my gift and Art of fine sewing to the next generation and to do so in such a way that it leaves a lasting and positive influence within hearts of the children whose families entrust unto us.  

I very much loved my Mother, and maternal Grandparents and helped care for them in their final years. It was the Love of God shed abroad in my heart that fueled my passion to make a difference in their lives and the lives of my beloved daughter. son and granddaughter. 


During my experience at St. Clair College as a Sewing Instructor, a High School girl, seeking a post secondary education in Fashion Design, began at the College and continued the following two years under my tutelage in private study lessons.

Christy Marcus, upon the successful completion of her two year course she was chosen as one of the 175 students out of 2500 plus applicants, to be accepted to into Ryerson University’s Fashion & Design Programme. 

However over time Karla saw the growing need to reach out to children also. Karla’s observations about the influx of destructive persuasions, epitomized in today’s music, television, magazines, and the internet and how these things were negatively affecting youth; She felt compelled do something about it. The desire to protect, preserve and encourage, healthy values, motivated her into expanding Renaissance to include Kids as young as seven and eight years old. As a result, “Renaissance School of Fashion & More 4 Youth” was birthed.  Karla’s vision is that Renaissance becomes known as a “light” that shines near and far to steer youth in a positive, affirming, and constructive direction.

Her courses not only Inspire and teach youth how to Constructively employ their Time, Gifts and Talents; but also teach students about the “connections” between the “external” results of Applied Arts and the benefits of the “Internal” application of Wisdom Principals; whereby Knowledge and understanding are generated to effect positive change. All this while Sewing the things they love! It’s a beautiful catalyst of Inspiration, which can cause youth to produce “Excellence” in every arena of life.

In each of Karla’s Courses for beginner students will not only be taught the Art of Sewing the things they love, but they’ll also increase self-esteem and leadership skills. The personal development of, creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, productivity, increased inner-harmony and personal awareness all of which are so valuable, that they could literally change lives. I know it’s true, because years ago, they changed my life!

Sew-fun and Sew-Smart students will get actual hands on Step-by-Step Sewing instructions, including proven methods of problem solving, with unique Sewing techniques. Including creative sewing methods, that Karla uses herself. 

These techniques introduce youth to a new life-skills and a productive way of harnessing their capabilities, to effect change in their overall life, while developing their Gifts and Talents.

At the same time, Karla might easily get more than top dollar in private lesson fees. Instead she is satisfied to earn a much smaller amount, so she can share this Gift with all youth who’d Love to know How to Sew Creative and useful Crafts, Home décor` essentials, Fashion Accessories and Cool Comfy Clothing.   

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