Sew-Smart Course
This is a Hands on, Step-by-Step, Well  Proven, and Progressive study for pre-teen and teenage youth, who may have a "Passion for Fashion"  or just a desire to 
Sew "Cool" &  Comfy Clothing, & Accessories. 
Youth explore and develop Fundamental Sewing including Tailoring skills, required for a good foundation in Dressmaking. 
Tuition $15 per hr. Minimum 2 hrs per wk.
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 After School & Saturday Classes:
2.0 / 3.0  /and 4.0 hrs wkly classes available
Wkly Fees as low as: $20
(payable monthly) 
Girls as young as 7 and 8 years old Love the Sew-Fun Club.

Join "r" Sew-Fun Club!!

This is a creative, time occupying enjoyable art; where youth learn hand sewing techniques, how to measure, cut and sew, and even operate the sewing machine! All while creating a variety of fun, useful & crafty projects that will Provide a life time of enjoyment!
These girls each designed and created their first  "Big" Project. An awesome Patch Work Quilt to deck their own bed!!!
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2 Locations to Serve       Youth! 

Essex Classes:
Renaissance School Headquarters
28 Centre St. 
Essex On N8M 1N9

Contact us for Class Schedules

Wheatley Classes:

Wheatley Baptist Church
47 Talbot st. E
Wheatley On N0P 2P0
After School & Saturday Classes

Contact us for full Course Schedule
Ages 8 and up.

After School Schedule:
Time: 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Fees begin at:

$20 wk/ 2 hr Classes
(Class fees payable monthly or quarterly) 
All courses run throughout the year until June 30th. 
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(seating is limited!)
4 children & teenagers
of Divorce.

From the pages of my own book of a life; enduring separation, divorce, and salvaging my children who I so love, has this course been formulated with acute sensitivity and deep understanding of the heart of the single parent raising children of separation and divorce.
Therefore, I dedicate the Sew-Connected course to all the children suffering or who have suffered from separation anxiety, fears, and insecurities, who need to find a healthy expression of emotion that sometimes cannot be understood or articulated. 
It's the journey that led to my inner-healing and restored self-esteem. I call it self-mastery~One of Life's Greatest Gifts. 
     If you've ever wanted your child’s creativity and imagination Inspired, or you want to encourage resourcefulness, and productivity; to maintain and foster self-esteem; to increase inner-harmony and personal awareness; and greater ability to manage emotions…   Then You Will Definitely Want to Get Your Child into Karla’s Ground-Breaking, Life Enriching, 
“Sew------Connected” Course!!!
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Classes Soon to Begin:
(currently not available)


...then one day you will just...                                                       
Sew-into Fashion

Sew-into-fashion is the dream of so many girls today, and that's great! You can make a positive difference in the world of Fashion, and...

Now's the time to learn How!!!
Sew-into-Fashion is the perfect course for the serious minded beginner who wants to gain a strong foundation in the principles of sewing, pattern interpretation, and skill development, while making a variety of basic Seasonal Clothing for yourself or a child and possibly other projects deemed necessary to assist your journey to make it a successful one. This is a hands-on practical and theoretical experience in a relaxing, positive, and inspiring environment.   
Currently not available.